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Lots of Data, Stats & Info!?



Most organisations are having the same challenge.

Lots of data from different sources and how best to utilise this intelligence quickly.

  • We have a standard data model called Fabricthis is a universal method to align, combine and simplify complex data from different sources with different update rates and widely varying metrics.


  • We have a Data integration toolbox and experts to connect Fabric to whatever data source and standard we need to work with – API’s, flat-files over FTP, historic data in excel or access, unstructured data via text analytics or video categorisation.


  • Our platform Cosmos then sits on top of the Fabric data layer and provides a rich toolbox of pre-built and customised scorecards, dashboards and push reports – all in a componentised way so that we can build reports for you or allow governed data discovery / self-serve.

The main point is that Cosmos/Fabric is a tried and tested model for simplifying and optimising multi-source data for interactive reporting & discovery.





The Best Sporting Insights



Fuse all Sporting, fitness, medical, injury and performance Data  / stats to help make informed decisions and have unrivalled insights.

Our customised software is also used for CRM, marketing and BI, including real time – run promotions at half time, target your audience.

Which PM & Development team are performing best ?

PMO dashboard


Daily insights into your PMO, Portfolio, project team.

Spot trends, patterns and stay ahead of the project curve.

Consumer, Digital & Social Tracking = Rapid insights

We mine your Data, fuse together ETL into our Data Fabric open source method and create amazing insights

Consumer Tracking

Consumer Tracking



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